NB全能助手(原NB助手) NB Pro (NB Tool)
一款免费的iOS设备必备工具 支持iOS 13.0 及以上系统 A free must-have tool for iOS devices Support iOS 13.0 and above
App Store 应用降级 App Store App Downgrade
虚拟定位 Virtual Location
IPA签名 IPA Sign
免Wi-Fi Wi-Fi free
NB全能助手Windows NB Pro (NB Tool) for Windows
NB全能助手Mac NB Pro (NB Tool) for Mac
IPA签名 IPA signature
免费移动端签名 The free IPA sign for iOS device
可使用Apple ID签名 Apple ID can be used to sign
Apple ID证书管理 Apple ID certificate management
可使用导入证书签名 Can be signed with an imported certificate
虚拟定位 virtual location
iOS免越狱修改定位神器 Virtual location without jailbreak
全局修改设备GPS定位信息 Globally modify device GPS positioning information
App Store应用降级,全球应用免费下载 App Store appp downgrade, global apps free download
一键下载AppStore全球热门应用,无需Apple ID,亦可降级AppStore应用版本 One-click download of AppStore global popular apps, no Apple ID required,also can downgrade App Store version
NB全能助手(原NB助手)使用过程中常见问题的解决方案 Solutions to common problems during the use of NB Pro (NB Tool)
安装NB全能助手(原NB助手)提示:ipa下载失败 Install NB Pro (NB Tool) prompt: ipa download failed
在电脑上打开C:\Users(或用户)\Administrator(或你的用户名)\AppData\Roaming\NBTool,里面有个NBTool目录,将它删除,然后用360卫士或腾讯管家清理一下电脑缓存垃圾,重新进入官网nbtool8.com下载NB全能助手(原NB助手)尝试安装。注意:如果未发现AppData文件夹,需要先打开电脑的显示隐藏文件夹选项,具体方法请自行百度。 Open C:\Users (or user)\Administrator (or your user name)\AppData\Roaming\NBTool on the computer, there is a NBTool directory inside, delete it, and then use 360 guards or Tencent housekeeper to clean up the computer cache garbage , re-enter the official website nbtool8.com to download NB Pro (NB Tool) and try to install it. Note: If the AppData folder is not found, you need to open the option of displaying hidden folders on the computer first. For the specific method, please Baidu yourself.
安装NB全能助手(原NB助手)时已安装iTunes或者爱思助手,却还是提示安装iTunes? When installing NB Pro (NB Tool), you have already installed iTunes or Aisi tool, but you are still prompted to install iTunes?
第一步:手机连接电脑,重新下载iTunes苹果驱动或者爱思助手;等待驱动安装完成; 第二步:打开NB全能助手(原NB助手)电脑版,点击安装;(保持手机连接电脑状态,需解锁屏幕并点击信任此电脑) 第三步:手机内打开NB全能助手(原NB助手)app,开始使用。 Step 1: Connect the phone to the computer, re-download the iTunes Apple driver or Aisi Assistant; wait for the driver installation to complete; Step 2: Open the computer version of NB Pro (NB Tool) windows, and click Install; (keep the phone connected to the computer, you need to unlock the screen and click Trust this Computer) Step 3: Open the NB Pro (NB Tool) app on your phone and start using it.
安装NB全能助手(原NB助手)时显示:请设置锁屏密码 When installing NB Pro (NB Tool), it is displayed: Please set a lock screen password
更新 iTunes 或 苹果驱动,手机重设锁屏密码,apple id设置必须打开 双重认证 ,解锁手机后再插入数据线连接电脑。 Update the iTunes or Apple driver, reset the lock screen password of the mobile phone, the apple id setting must enable two-factor authentication, unlock the mobile phone and then plug in the data cable to connect to the computer.
电脑显示下载成功,手机上却没有NB全能助手(原NB助手)的图标? The computer shows that the download is successful, but there is no NB Pro (NB Tool) icon on the phone?
请重装安装NB全能助手(原NB助手)或重新启动手机 Please reinstall NB Pro (NB Tool) or restart your iPhone
手机设置里面没有“开发者模式”选项? There is no "developer mode" option in the phone settings?
开发者模式一般在设置-隐私与安全-开发者内开启。如果手机上没有开发者模式,可将手机连接电脑,重装一下应用,如还有问题,请进群提问。 Developer mode is generally enabled in Settings --> Privacy --> Developer Mode. If there is no developer mode on the iPhone, you can connect the phone to the computer and reinstall the app. If you still have questions, please ask questions in the QQ group.




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